Welcome to QuarryTV

Captain Kirk finds love on Vasquez Rocks

I first fell in love with QuarryTV watching the original Star Trek at the age of 7 or 8. Part of me had fallen in love with William Shatner in his tight black trousers and tunic. But the other part had fallen in love with the mysterious worlds he visited, often resembling a disused quarry, where anything was possible.

You could save your own planet here, find love, conquer enemies, try out new technologies for the first time. Most of all you could escape. I’ve been escaping to this quarry in its different forms ever since. And now I’m writing about the land I call QuarryTV, where every great and not so great science fiction show is eventually filmed. Sometimes theses shows aren’t filmed in a quarry but they still offer a great escape.

I wrote my first post while escaping online with free wifi on Virgin America, thousands of feet in the air. Who knew that would ever be possible?




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